Want to make a lasting recurring and residual 7-figure income?

With over 23 years experience as an entrepreneur and a network marketer, I have discovered the exact network marketing system to make 7 figure monthly as a network marketer.

Ask yourself this simple questions:

If you continue on your present path for the next 5, 10, 20 or 30 years, where exactly will it take you?

  1. Would you be earning the amount you are worth?
  2. Would you be able to spend more time with my Family and Loved Ones?
  3. Would you be living a much healthier and happier life?
  4. Would you be able to buy what you want or travel to the Country of your choice?

If your answer is NO to any of these questions, this could be the most important information and action you need to make a lasting 7 figure recurring and residual income.

If you're tired of wasting time, money and opportunity (the longer you wait, the harder it gets) -- you really need to keep reading.

This is for you, if ...

Network Marketing in Nigeria

You don't know where to begin

Ronke is really excited about the idea of making money as a Network Marketing Professional. She's spent a lot of time attending seminars, reading blogs and watching videos, but even with all these knowledge, she doesn't actually know where to start. And worse... she feels like she's missing her chance of making money.


Or you've tried and failed

Jude has tried every trick in the book. He's spent thousands on training, books, tools and website development, but nothing gets him any real results. Everyone makes it sound like it should be so easy... so why doesn't it work for him?

I know everyone promises you this...

  • Work for yourself and "fire your boss". Take vacations whenever you choose.
  • Earn money while you're sleeping. The money still keeps rolling in. You can take a six month vacation and keep getting paid.
  • Be paid what you're worth. Work harder and you'll be reaping the rewards yourself — not helping your boss get rich.
  • Work wherever you like. Travel the world, live somewhere exotic.
  • Spend more time with your loved ones. No more lengthy working hours. No more working late. You won't miss out on life because you were busy working.
  • Huge, outrageous money to be earned. This is a modern-day gold-rush. Houses, cars, swimming pools, world travel... all you have to do is reach out and grab it.

Yes, you can achieve all (I have achieved all) but the truth is only if you have the right network marketing system. Without the right network marketing system, here is what will REALLY happen...

You can never even get started

  • You can't decide which network marketing company is best There are lots of network marketing companies out there. Which one is best? Which products are the easiest sell? Who should you listen to?
  • You don't know where to begin You might read all the right blogs and know everything in theory, but when it comes to actually getting started, you don't know how to do it.

Or you get ZERO results

  • The methods you try to follow aren't clear and you get stuck. The problem with a lot of systems is that they are made by experts who can't remember what it's like to not know everything. So things aren't explained clearly.
  • You can't stick it out to the end. After you get stuck, you get distracted. Some other opportunity comes along that is "too good to miss". You put your project on the backburner and go chasing the next "bright shiny object". And the process starts all over again.
  • It just doesn't work. You start to wonder if all these "experts" have actually tried their own methods. Do they actually work? Or are they just making money by selling you training products?

Not to worry I have been there before, here is my story.

Network Marketing in NigeriaMy name is Fehintola Foluso-Onagoruwa, I am a passionate Entrepreneur and a Network Marketing Professional with over 23 years of experience.

I lost my mother at the age of 16, just 6 months after my mother had retired from active service to spend more time with her Children. We were paid my mother’s retirement benefit of just 15, 000 Naira, 2 years after my mother’s death.

This impacted me like you wouldn’t believe and made me realize how important taking care of one’s health really is. That spending time with family is very important and working for an employer might not be the best possible way to leave a lasting legacy.

This propelled me to aspire more in life, but at age 18 when in my final year of diploma in Nursing, I was recruited by the Military to become a Nursing Cadet. I started my Career in the Military upon graduation in 1987.

Network Marketing in NigeriaAfter 7 years, I soon realised that my dreams and aspiration of financial prosperity, spending more time with my family, living a much healthier life and most importantly living a lasting legacy that my children will benefit from as well as impacting many lives cannot be achieved while working for an Employer during my active years.

I quit my job at the military and got a lot of discouragement from Colleagues and Family, however I knew that if I failed I wouldn’t regret that, but I knew the one thing I might regret is not trying to pursue my dreams and aspirations.

I believe that if you want anything in life, you can have it. You just have to be willing to work harder and smarter than everyone else for it. The only thing that will stop you from getting it will be yourself.

After quitting, I had just 500 Naira to start Fresh Fish Business. I experienced little success, then I moved to clothing, cars and even catering. I tried various businesses you could imagine within 6 years of quitting my job.

Network Marketing in Nigeria

Mrs Susan Oyemade (right) showed me the business and Mr Boye Abe (middle) borrowed me the N32,000 following my loss Of ₦500,000.

Everything started changing when I came about the concept of network marketing. I started attending network marketing events.

I signed up to be a network marketer with a network marketing company but struggled to sell my products because I mass bought products and so all the products expired in my house (I lost over ₦500,000). I had no one to mentor me from making this big network marketing mistake.

I didn’t give up as I was more determined to be successful in life.

In my quest to succeed in Network Marketing, I even went to Ghana to renew my distributorship and for mentorship.

After a huge loss of ₦500,000, I went ahead to borrow 32,000 Naira to fully register as a network marketer with another company and I promised to pay back 3 times, which I did.

Fast forward, I am now Africa’s Leading Network Marketing Professional and Coach with a lasting recurring and residual income in the millions.

I am a Twenty First Century Online Entrepreneur that works online from home to grow my network marketing business.

I want to share with you the network marketing system I use to grow a lasting recurring and residual income in the millions. I have coached over 600 people to achieve the same level of success I have achieved and even more.

Network Marketing in Nigeria

Many of them are now successful and didn’t have to go through struggling times like I did or mistakes I made because I was able to give them the same Network Marketing System I want to share with you.  The Network Marketing System is based on my experience of over 23 years and it is easy to follow to achieve your own success.

I am very passionate about coaching people who can dedicate 2 hours daily to building a lasting recurring and residual 7 figure income from the comfort of their home or working part time.

It’s by far the most effective money making method I’ve developed in my years as a network marketer, and better yet, it’s one of the easiest. It really is just five simple steps – and even the newbies out there will find that what I show you today can change your financial status forever.

Wouldn't it be nice to find a network marketing system that ACTUALLY works?

One that could kill that indecision and procrastination, by telling you exactly what to do next, every step of the way.

One that explains everything, and doesn't make you "fill in the gaps" yourself.

One that is achievable so you can start seeing real progress almost immediately.

One that's completely foolproof even if you've never done this kind of thing before.

One that is also "future proof", so you're not wasting time on something that will just "stop working" one day.

One that is repeatable.That works every single time. That is not a fluke, not a lottery, and that you can repeat, repeat, repeat until you're earning as much as you want.

One that has no limit or barrier, you can start earning globally from any country

Here is proof:

Network Marketing in Nigeria

I am Oyeyemi Bamidele Sorinola, with a Degree in Accounting. Though while growing up, I've always wanted to become a Business Owner but never knew how to go about it so at some point I deviated from plan and decided to just opt for what almost everyone settles for - get a job and become underpaid irrespective of how good I am at the job.

In 2009, during my National Youth Service year - I was able to ask so many people that works at my place of primary assignment questions about how long they have been on their paid job because they appear just to be managing to get the Qbasic things done for themselves.

They live from paycheck to paycheck and always look depressed and stressed whenever an emergency situation arises... seeing all these things reignited my desire to have my own business and be in total control of my earnings so that I can enjoy the kind of life that I really have as picture in my head.

Between 2010 till present, I have engaged in various kind of profit making ventures which I enjoyed but until April 2016 when I met my Mentor & Business Coach, Mrs. Fehintola Foluso-Onagoruwa in Johannesburg, South Africa. Through her, I was opened up to the importance of residual earnings through a proven Bussiness Opportunity.

I keyed into the opportunity though the picture looked too good to be true but because Network Marketing has close to four decades of track record and with Mrs. Fehintola Foluso-Onagoruwa coaching I was able build a lasting 6 figure recurring and residual income from three countries and the future definitely looks brighter as I move to 7 figure global earnings under the guidance of Mrs. Fehintola Foluso-Onagoruwa!

    Network Marketing in Nigeria
  • I am a 1st Class Graduate and a Civil Servant. My life before I met Fehintola Foluso-Onagoruwa (FFO) was a real struggling one. Besides, I've heard about Network Marketing but I knew nothing about it, based on my ignorance I hated the business model with passion without knowing about it. Until I met FFO and listened to her presentations, my perception changed. She also recommended books that actually changed my orientation and belief completely. All these combined with her mentoring has changed my life completely not only in this business but also in other areas of life.
    Prince Abiodun Olatunji
  • What I admire most about Mrs. Fehintola Foluso-Onagoruwa (FFO) is her integrity and her wealth of knowledge about what she does. Her mentoring has helped me to be more productive and professional in my network marketing carrier and above all the culture of integrity is my watchword.
    Taiwo Ibidunni
  • She held me by the hand and said 'We can do it'. A practical and hands-on Trainer that I am proud of. Her mentoring has brought out the best in me. Thanks FFO.
    Mrs Tobi Kukoyi
  • Mrs. Fehintola Foluso-Onagoruwa has been my mentor in my network marketing career for four years and i must say that she actually instilled my belief and confidence in the industry. I attribute my success in the industry to Almighty God for bringing her in my way. She helped me discover myself and will be forever grateful to her.
    Animasaun Mariam Morenikeji

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